Oct 29, 2008

Philip and Melissa, Hilton Head SC

When Melissa first told me about her destination wedding on Hilton Head island in South Carolina I knew it was going to be a fun wedding. We were fortunate enough to just miss some bad weather the week prior. It ended up being a beautiful intimate wedding with a handful of their closest friends and family. The weekend was filled with tons of inside jokes, stories of ultimate frisbee, and lots of high fives and fist pounding!

We had a gorgeous 10am wedding followed by a lunch reception. And then I was able to take Melissa and Philip around the island to a few choice spots. I learned that Hilton Head is where the PGA Golf Tournament is held(my dad's going to make fun of me for not having known that), and we were able to take some photos on the 18th hole! We ended the day by going back to the Marriott and taking a nice walk down the shore line. I love the ocean!

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